Montgomery Food Share

Montgomery Food Share

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October 6
, 2018
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Montgomery Food Share is a distinctive way to collect food. It’s not a food drive, it’s a donor drive. Instead of asking for a one-time donation of food, our Neighborhood Recruiters ask their neighbors to become long-term food donors.

It’s so EASY to become a food donor. We supply a bag and donors buy one or more extra items each time they grocery shop. We even supply you with a suggested shopping list.  Store the items in the provided bag and we pick up the food every other month and donate it to the Freestore Foodbank.  Please contact Montgomery Food Share at  for questions or to sign up.

The result is that our donors have the satisfaction of making a real difference for families and individuals in food-insecure households in the Greater Cincinnati area.  In addition, they get to build a powerful sense of community, not only in their neighborhoods but within the entire city of Montgomery, Ohio.

Montgomery Food Store is a partnership between the City of Montgomery and its neighborhoods, local service organizations through Connect Montgomery and the Freestore Foodbank.

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How it works – 3 simple steps

  1. Each week when you go shopping buy one non-perishable item.
  2. Store the items in your sturdy reusable bag.
  3. On the first Saturday of every other month, a volunteer will pick up your donations and deliver them to the Freestore Foodbank.  You can leave the bag outside your door for pick-up. No need to be home.

The food you donate will help provide a steady, year-round supply of food to the Freestore and help minimize its out-of-pocket purchases.

You can make a difference by choosing to be part of the program!

Feedstore Foodbank recommends donating the following needed food items: canned fruits, canned vegetables, cereal/oatmeal, juice, peanut butter,canned fish, canned meats, soup,  and pasta.  Freestore Foodbank also collected the following personal care items: deodorant, toothpaste, toilet paper/tissues, feminine hygiene products, shampoo, soap, razors, and combs.  No GLASS please

Click to join the Montgomery Food Share!

Or email  with questions.


grocery bagWant to do more?

  • Help transport food to the Freestore Foodbank.
  • Get your neighbors involved.
  • Spread the word to your friends in other Montgomery neighborhoods.
  • Make a financial donation by sending a check payable to “The Freestore Foodbank” to the address listed on this page.  Your donation will go directly to help those in need.

Other ways to donate:

By phone: (513) 482-7546

By mail:
Freestore Foodbank
1141 Central Parkway
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Donate to Freestore Foodbank

Freestore Foodbank charts

Read about successful donor drives in other parts of the country


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