IN THE BEGINNINGHow can faith and science coexist? Come and explore and discuss!

This program is by Forward Movement and it examines science and faith through the lens of ordained scientists in The Episcopal Church. We will meet Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 pm in the St. Barnabas undercroft for a soup supper followed by the presentation with discussion facilitated by Pastor Nancy. Please contact Nicole at with questions or to sign up.   St.Barnabas Church is located at 10345 Montgomery Road, Montgomery OH 45242

Week One – March 8 – The Theology of Creation – Explore the relationship of science and Christianity. The experts discuss the biblical creation stories, how God creates, and how God relates to creation. What are the implications of a transcendent God – a God that creates out of nothing?

Week Two – March 15 – Creation and Science – The experts discuss religion and science, the origins of the universe, and evolution. How does your understanding of evolution affect your understanding of God? Are science and religion separate activities or are they related?

Week Three – March 22 – Caring for Creation – discuss Christian responsibility for the environment. What role if any has Christianity played in environment desecration? What role can it play in calling us to relationship and preservation?

HOMEWORK! Read A Catechism of Creation which is a document that explores the Episcopal Church understanding of creation as it applies to the origins of the universe, evolution and care of the natural environment. It would be helpful for you to read the relevant section prior to each evening. The full document can be found at:


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