Montgomery Food Share will be signing up food donors in the neighborhood of Jones Farm this spring. The Montgomery Woods neighborhood began collecting items in June 2013, and we now will have 18 neighborhoods involved in making ongoing donations of food and personal care items to the Freestore Food Bank.  This means that over 700 of your neighbors and friends are involved in helping food insecure individuals in Hamilton County.It is hard to believe that in our almost three years of existence, we have collected almost 60,000 pounds (30 TONS) of food and personal care items.  Participating in Montgomery Food Share is so easy—you just put items in a reusable grocery bag which we give to you, and every other month one of our volunteer drivers will come and empty your bag so you can begin refilling it again.  Even if your neighborhood is not signed up currently, you CAN and SHOULD sign up as a food donor.  Just go to this link to sign up  or email Wendy New at .  The next pick up date is April 2.


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